Fleet Services

We schedule services and repairs around your needs, taking care of your fleet during the off hours to maximize fleet utilization. Our team of skilled technicians can also complete any additional repairs required for your fleet, whether it be on-site, or at one of our many service locations.

You can also take advantage of cost savings associated with using our extensive vendor network.
We only use high quality parts for our repairs; many of which are covered by warranties.


  • Increase Fleet’s Uptime

  • Minimize Operating Costs

  • Improve Operational Efficiency

  • Increase Buying Power

  • Improve Vehicle Safety

  • Reduce Admin. Workload

  • Maintenance services provided by VTRL and other VVG dealership facilities, no outsourcing to other vendors.


  • Discounted labor rates

  • Preventative Maintenance on-site

  • Most repairs done on-site

  • Increase Buying Power

  • 24-hour Road side service

  • 90 day B.I.T. Inspections available

  • Annual D.O.T. Inspections available

  • Fleet pricing for all parts

  • Discounted towing

Let us manage your fleet maintenance for you

What is the Fleet Maintenance Program? The Fleet Maintenance Program is a program we have implemented to guarantee your trucks remain productive and operational without interrupting your business. With our program, you can pick and choose which features you want to take advantage of, whether it's simply choosing a general preventative maintenance package that isn't too costly, to a more in depth service which could include: 24/7 Road-side repair, discounted towing, free inspections and more. It's easy to pick the services you want, and we guarantee you will be happy with the standard of repair and maintenance that our technicians and mechanics adhere to.

Our Preventative & Guaranteed Maintenance Programs are the perfect choice for any company with trucks. We can be your maintenance department, or just supplement your existing maintenance team. Partnering with us to manage your preventative maintenance program has many advantages. We use our expertise to maintain your fleet with both preventative and predictive maintenance, allowing you to focus your resources towards serving your customers and growing your business. Every program is tailored to meet your company’s specific needs: services, billing options, authorizations, notifications, etc.

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